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Who We Are    Services    Projects    Careers    Contact    Blog

Who We Are    Services    Projects    Careers    Contact    Blog

Our Services

Your project is ours - from start to finish.

Owner’s Representative Services

We work directly with owners and developers during the planning and construction phases of projects to ensure their needs and goals are met. Our team advocates on behalf of the owner throughout the construction process, acting in the owner’s best interests by providing strategic and unbiased guidance. Construction projects inevitably face a variety of challenges that can affect schedules and budget overages. An owner’s representative helps mitigate those risks.

  • Budget and schedule development and ongoing review
  • Construction coordination and monitoring
  • Design oversight
  • Punch list and closeout management

Construction Management Solutions

For over a decade, WMG has provided construction management services and partnered with top-tier prime general contractors in both public and privately-funded developments. Our team of construction managers has extensive experience navigating large-scale, complex aviation and commercial developments and providing project management services including:

  • Permit Management
  • Quality Control
  • Environmental Management
  • Logistics
  • Management Scheduling
  • Cost Engineering
  • Tenant Coordination
  • PLA Management
  • Owners Representation
  • Project Controls

General Contracting

We understand the value of holding a California Class B – General Building Contractor License. That’s why WMG maintains an active license in good standing with the California Contractors State License Board (#1048505). Holding a Class B license demonstrates our deep understanding of the complexities of construction projects and the expertise and experience our team members have to effectively mitigate risk and provide valuable solutions to our clients. Most recently, WMG completed construction of a high-end retail store and currently manages a casino gaming renovation.

Project Control

Project controls and scheduling are the cornerstone of success in both Owner's Representative work and Construction Management Services. Whether serving as an Owner's Rep overseeing a project on behalf of the client or as part of Construction Management, these services are integral to maintaining financial prudence, ensuring adherence to timelines, and safeguarding project quality.

Project controls refer to the set of tools, processes, and systems employed to manage and regulate various elements of a construction project. This encompasses cost management, risk management, document control, and change management. By implementing effective project controls, we ensure that the project stays within budget, adheres to the specified timelines, and meets the quality standards set by our clients.

Our project controls services include:
  • Cost Management: We meticulously track and manage project costs, providing real-time insights into expenditures, preventing budget overruns, and enabling informed decision-making.
  • Risk Management: Identifying potential risks and implementing strategies to mitigate them is crucial for project success. Our team employs proactive risk management techniques to anticipate, assess, and address potential issues before they impact the project.
  • Document Control: Efficient document control is vital for maintaining accurate and up-to-date project documentation. We streamline the flow of information, ensuring that all stakeholders have access to the latest project data.
  • Change Management: Construction projects often undergo changes due to unforeseen circumstances or evolving requirements. Our change management processes ensure that modifications are seamlessly integrated without compromising project integrity.


Project scheduling involves creating a detailed plan that outlines the sequence of activities, timelines, and resource allocations required to complete a construction project successfully. Our scheduling services provide a roadmap for the project, allowing stakeholders to understand the project's critical path and milestones.

Our scheduling services include:
  • Critical Path Method (CPM): We employ CPM to identify the sequence of tasks that must be completed on time for the project to stay on schedule. This helps in optimizing resources and minimizing delays.
  • Resource Allocation: Efficient resource allocation is key to avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring that the right resources are available at the right time. Our scheduling experts optimize resource utilization for maximum efficiency.
  • Milestone Tracking: We establish clear project milestones and track progress against these milestones, providing stakeholders with a tangible measure of project advancement.

Think of project controls as the guardians of financial prudence and adaptability, overseeing costs, risks, and changes with unwavering diligence. Meanwhile, scheduling acts as the project's strategic navigator, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring a punctual journey through milestones. The symbiosis of these services doesn't just streamline operations; it ensures cost efficiency, timely delivery, and unwavering quality. Beyond the metrics, it fosters transparent communication among stakeholders, building a collaborative ecosystem where success is not just a goal but a shared commitment.

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Office: 310.598.7107
WMG is a certified DBE/SBE Construction Management Firm (ID# 41529) through the Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority (MTA/METRO), a participating member of the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP).

Office: 310.598.7107
WMG is a certified DBE/SBE Construction Management Firm (ID# 41529) through the Los Angeles County Metro Transportation Authority (MTA/METRO), a participating member of the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP).